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Thanks for the comment!

This time, I had another interview with one

Tokyo long year immigrant who was OK in Japanese but wanted to talk medically

in English with me.

Well, I was honored to be in charge of

any Gaijin(lol) patient..

I told you guyz, I don't care where you

are originally from..Chinese (Asian) people..Europeans.. North Americans, Latin people..whatever you

name it.

We KJC are always welcome, wide

open to those who want to have

one of the best worldwide high standard

diagnosis and modern therapies today.

And..J medical care system is the

cheapest ever!

That's why I still haven't had any..any of my

own Rolex

If you need not only some English speaking

doc..but also one good gastroenterology

expert/ endoscopist / surgeon.

I'm available!

Call Us any time.

We'll be there for you.





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