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NewBilingual(Trilingual)Interns / Nurses and Assistants wanted


So far , we've taken care of so many..

so many patients ..They are..sometimes

Japanese locals..and..sometimes..Chinese..

Korean..Vietnamese,British,American,Canadian, other European..and more and more!

Such an honor to take a good care

of each patient with modern Japanese

medical higher tech analysis and treatments


If you are interested in medical industry,

and talented bilingual (either E and J

or J and C..trilingual is best!)

Do you wanna live your life being

stuck in the bottom of same old fashioned

J companies for the rest of your life?

Ask yourself if it's what you want...

It's time to take a stand

and show me how great you are .

This clinic is the best place of chances ever to those who wanna make it happen with all your international

communication skill ,cultural competency.

If you got a hunch,

Please do contact us.

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