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  • 執筆者の写真Jun Kondoh

An interview with another foreign patient


This time,I had an interview with a brand new

patient who speaks one of most complicated / hardest to learn language in the world.😆

But this patient was very good at English,too..that was good for me ! Good for her,alright!

I performed CT scan screening and both EGD and TCS(Colonofiberscopy ) under sedation at the same day.

I'm so hounored to give the best of

my skill to who finds it so tough to get her

understood with local J docs around.

Some docs may show reluctancy in their faces once they know.." Ooops,a Gaijin patient.."

Come on! forget those typical local general


Hey..We are always available here in Kouenji.

Take it easy..take your time,

make yourself at home.

If you want some international clinic interview in western Tokyo area along JR.Chuo line.

We'll be a big helping hand for you!

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