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​Jun Kondoh MD

General Surgery

Colorectal Surgery

Gastroenterologic Endoscopy


Kouenjikita 2-3-3 WHARF Kouenji 5F

Work Experience


After training days at Matsushima Clinic, I started working

as one of the main doc members to examine so many patients.

Then, I transferred to  Tsujinaka Colorectal Hosp Kashiwanoha division in Chiba pref., which is also well known for its higher anal operation methods.

Those two hospital training days finally

made me what I am today

as one hybrid doctor who manages both gastroenteric fiberscopy and one day-surgery.


I trained myself harder than ever to master Upper GI and

Lower GI (Collon fiberscopy under sedation)  

as one trainee at Matsushima Clinic in Kanagawa Pref.  as known as its national highest fiberscopy reputation


I started working for Toho University Omori Medical Center

Gastroenterology dept.

Further on, I learned more ER / ICU / Operation /

Endoscopy technics.


I started basic training program as medical surgery intern

at Fujisawa General Hospital in Kanagawa Pref.

I learned General Surgery, Open-Laparoscopic Surgery,

Anesthesiology, and so on

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