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高円寺じゅんクリニック 近藤洵


​①As a doctor (general gastroenterologist, endoscopist) who has worked for many years at university hospitals and regional core hospitals, he has been engaged in cancer treatment by actually looking directly into the abdomen and touching the gastrointestinal tract with his hands. Based on our experience, we will seamlessly perform most of the treatments other than outpatient consultations, examinations, and hospitalization-requiring diseases, which are the same as in general acute care hospitals.


② Previously at another facilityWhen I have a gastroscope and colonoscope examination, I think that there are many people who feel painful and painful and do not want to take it again.

After all, it is unfortunate for the patient himself to avoid the next test due to these negative experiences and delay the discovery of the worst disease such as cancer.

At our clinic, we will use a nasal endoscope and a sedative that is already widely used in developed countries overseas.

Unfortunately, in Japan, sedative-administered tests are not performed in all regions and facilities. At this clinic, doctors who have worked at Matsushima Clinic in Kanagawa Prefecture and Tsujinaka Hospital in Chiba Prefecture, which started in the era of university hospital training and boasts one of the leading achievements in colonoscopy treatment nationwide ( The director) will perform the examination and treatment under the administration of a sedative.


③ Among those who are still busy and working hard

Actually, while hiding my physical condition, it's quite a hospital.

Some people find it difficult to find the right time to go to the clinic.

At this clinic, the final reception is until 7:00 PM on weekdays.We have prepared an environment for inspections on Saturdays and Sundays.


We also prepared an examination to perform upper and lower endoscopy in one day.

So please use it after work and on holidays.


​ ④ I am one E speaking doctor in Tokyo.

I used to be in charge of those foreign patients who found it so difficult to communicate with local J doctors  who were "not" so good at E in Hospital ICU / ER.

When I was a kid without any E speaking skill, so many ・ ・ ・ so many people helped me all the hardships.

Now is the time for me to give something back to new immigrants, tourists, all the people coming from all around the world.

So, Please come to my clinic..lean on me.

Besides, We have Chinese speaking staff

(Nurse who once lived back in Beijing.)

Korean, Chinese, Indian, German, FrenchVietnamese, whoever you are, you are welcome.

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