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Endoscopes that have been used for a long time in Showa and Heisei have a diameter of about 1 cm.

The thick, stiff structure was damaged, and the base of the tongue was compressed before reaching the patient's esophageal entrance.

Oh ~~ Gefugefu ,! !! It was a daily scene that the vomiting reflex appeared.

The vomiting reflex is a human defensive reflex that is used to regurgitate an unintended foreign body.

It's an important feature, but it was very painful for the patient during endoscopy.

Therefore, after 2000, a thin endoscope with a diameter of about 5 mm that can pass through the nose hole was devised.

was. Initially, the image quality was low and it was difficult to diagnose in some cases, but many generations of versions

Repeatedly UP (EV cars were not evaluated at the beginning, but due to generations of improvements, the name recognition, its

Now (as the technology has been recognized) in hospitals and clinics

It became popular in many facilities.

However, don't get me wrong, if you have a nasal endoscope,

Not enough anymore. Oral endoscopy treatment is still needed in some situations .

At the time of more precise examination and diagnosis of cancer, at the time of radical removal treatment of cancer, or in emergency medical care

Emergency hemostasis for heavy bleeding, etc.

In everyday life, you often take pictures and videos with your smartphone, but

Professional filmmakers and broadcasters use robust, large video cameras,

In the construction and transportation industries, large dump trucks with diesel engines are used instead of small EV vehicles.

It's the same as using it.

And most importantly, along with the performance of the hardware, the doctor who makes full use of it

Depending on how well you operate it, the patient's pain will be greatly reduced.

Pilots who fly planes and cars, even if they are in perfect condition

However, if you are inexperienced and improperly operate it, it will be a big accident.

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PCF大腸 静止画

Whether you have an oral endoscope or a nasal endoscope, you will have tingling, pain, and bloating.

​ I don't want to have an endoscopy because I'm so nervous and anxious that I'm already sick.

Good news for you.

When I was working at a university hospital, I was seconded to the anesthesiology department and had experience in anesthesia management work for surgery under general anesthesia.

Experience in ventilator management in the IER / ICU emergency care.

At our clinic, we use an injection called a sedative, just like

It is possible to have the test done in a drowsy state, as if you were under "anesthesia".

At other clinics' HP, it is possible to use "anesthesia" for endoscopy.

Strictly speaking, "anesthetics" and "sedatives" are different, although they may be mentioned.

This is the same as "soba" and "udon", "somen" and "ramen" are similar and different.

As a matter of course, in developed countries overseas, endoscopy is performed under the administration of sedatives.

Is it affected by the fact that Japan is under the insurance system? All local governments and all

At hospitals and clinicsThe current situation is that we are not able to respond to tests under the administration of sedatives.

At our clinic, as well as the method of the specialized endoscopy facility I trained

We have prepared various monitoring monitors and a recovery booth (rest room) to ensure safety.


If you have difficulty with both oral and nasal examinations, please feel free to contact us.

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​​​​ In our clinic, in the preventive medicine medical examination department,

On the same day, it will be possible to perform endoscopy (stomach / large intestine examination) with double upper and lower parts.

The procedure is to perform a gastric endoscope> then a colonoscopy.

We have been using these test methods for many years, which puts a strain on the patient's body.

It does not take. For those who are busy day and night today

Where it takes two days at another facility so as not to waste time

It is possible to diagnose gastric cancer and colorectal cancer at once in one day.

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