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R.I.P my dad Who cares about where you are originally from?

Hi, it's me,Jun Kondoh MD.

This time, I wanna talk about my

mentor like Obi-Wan Kenobi,my private coach best friend..and my Dad.

He passed away just a several weeks ago.

I owed him so much..

You know what I mean?

When I was a kid..back in 80's..

He gave me the very first welcome hug when I first landed in some place with not a big time name..just a rural town where less Asians lived at that time,

and..a lot of helping hands all the way through ,then he always asked me"Hey..Are you OK? How's goin with you? How's your school,?are you hungry?

Do you wanna come visit my place for a dinner? Come on,Jun..You can always come to me like my son.."

He was a great fire fighter..He served for

mo than three dacades as a leader of one local fire station.

He was a hard working kinda man..and

he even drove a brand new Raptor F-150 desert truck made by GM after he retired.

He loved his life style living by the lake..

so romantic..and artistic..

He was a man loved by so many family members and friends in town.

He literally didn't care I was one small Asian boy at that time..

My ObiOne Kenobi is gone..

You wanna know why I started HPV

vax campaign in May?

'cause I wanna give something back to all the new comers..tourists..foreign residents in every single town of Tokyo and he once gave me a chance to trust somebody when you don't know what to do..

Now I'm standing right here for you..

American,British,Mexican..Korean,Chinese, Vietnamese,even,Russian. and Ukrainian.whatever you name it!

Now is the time !





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